Offline Camp Berlin
April 28 - May 1, 2017
Berlin, Germany
We'd love to see you at Offline Camp Berlin! Even though we are currently sold out, we highly encourage you to get on our waitlist in case another ticket opens up. There's no commitment, and it will ensure that we know that you're interested in participating. 

In accordance with our Diversity Statement (, we especially encourage those who identify as members of groups typically underrepresented at tech events to apply for our waitlist, as we are making efforts to host an event with a diverse set of participants.

At Offline Camp we are dedicated to gathering a diverse group of people interested in Offline First, and we'd love to learn more about you!  

After you complete this application, if a space becomes available at camp, we'll reach out to introduce ourselves and answer all your questions about the event. After this conversation, you may receive a link to purchase a ticket.

NOTE: Applying here doesn't commit you to attending but is a required step prior to purchasing a ticket should one become available!
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Why would you like to take part in Offline Camp? What’s your interest in Offline First?

(Here's where THE BIG QUESTION comes in for our returning campers.  Has your interest in Offline First developed or changed since we last met? Are there topics we didn't cover that you hope we'll get to this time?)
How would you describe your role? *

If you're on Twitter, what's your handle?

If you're on GitHub, what's your handle?

Do you consider yourself to be part of an underrepresented group in tech? *

Might you or your company be willing to sponsor the event?

Our top priority with sponsorship funding is to cover the cost of inviting community members that can't easily afford their travel expenses, to make sure we create a diverse and inclusive event for everyone.  We also have sponsorship opportunities for fun on-site activities such as a yoga studio or a pool party. If you express interest, we'll reach out to discuss options.

Thank you, {{answer_41197343}}!

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