Offline Camp Oregon
November 10-13, 2017
Grants Pass, Oregon, USA

Camp Application & Scholarship Request Form
At Offline Camp we are dedicated to gathering a diverse group of people engaged in Offline First work and community-building efforts, and we'd love to learn more about you! (If you haven't yet learned about us, visit our website:

We've updated our application process this year to put more focus on recruiting a diverse group of campers. Before filling out this application, please read about the new process on our FAQ page:

We're especially excited to receive applications from those who identify as members of groups typically underrepresented at tech events, and we even have scholarships available! (See our Diversity Statement at:

Need a scholarship? You're in the right place! As you complete this application, you'll see a spot to indicate that you need financial assistance. Our scholarships cover the full cost of your ticket, which includes your lodging and food during the event. We also have many campers who plan to carpool, which could help you save on travel expenses.

NOTE: Applying here does not commit you to attending, but it's a required step prior to scheduling a screening call and (hopefully) purchasing a ticket or receiving a scholarship.
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